Some of our Business Advisory Services

Inspecting the possible and impossible and choosing the right way while having another feasible solutions for you in hands.

Business Planning and Forecasting

Every business has its beginning and end. The success depends not only on the product, location, customer segmentation but also on preparation and planning of desired business phases, unit prices, all incurred costs, cash-flow, expected tax results etc. For this we offer our business planning and rolling forecasts tools for individuals and corporations which will show you the facts even before you start the business. See your expected tax results, cash-flow, profit and loss statement, balance sheet. Run your variant simulations. Simply understandable, easily-editable, adjusted to your type of business, fully compliant with CZ accounting, tax and business code regulations.

Company Incorporation and Business Registrations

We provide price-affordable and worry-free company incorporations where you can choose from 3 packages based on your preferences and needs. Even before you choose the desired service, we will explain the complete process to you for free. You can even choose our premium package where only one your signature is needed - all legal steps and actions will be done by us and our partners like advocates in law or notarial office. Of course, we do fast and reliable registrations also for self-employed business persons. Worry-free registration at Trade Licence Office, Tax Authority, Social Contribuition Agency and Health Insurance Companies, if applicable.

Cash-Flow and Working Capital Optimizations

The main goal of any business is to get the respective receivables paid. Without own cash or cash borrowed from someone else, one cannot maintain the business for a long time. Being on the right track concerning the incoming and outgoing payments, having control over your financial situation and understanding what has influence on cash, receivables, liabilities, is important prequisition for any business. We offer specialized services concerning cash-flow planning, forecasting and optimization including recommendations from legal perspective (how should be Agreement structured in order to mitigate the risk of not getting the payment).

Dealing with Administration Burden

Our country belongs to those with the highest level of administration connected with running own business. Regardless of whether you plan to act as self-employed person or having own company, you will often face many official and mandatory state deadlines and requirements. It´s not only about filling some standard paper forms, since many requirements must be fulfilled only electronically like via xml files. With us, you will get a clear picture what is ahead of you. We use modern efficient tools which help you to be informed about your individual deadlines and tasks and to meet all requirements without big efforts from your side.

Some of our Accounting Services

Tracking all transactions and operations not only for state and tax purposes but also in the way and structure for helping you to streamline your business.

Basic Accounting

Our country still insist on using our own old CZ-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) which only slowly come closer to the modern worldwide standards of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Being expat or company owner in the Czech Republic means to have onboard someone who will assure that your business complies with the Czech legal requirements and regulations. The tax base in our country is taken from your accounting so as precisely, correctly and completely managed accounting is the inevitable requirement for having income taxes calculated correctly. With us, you can sleep well knowing that your accounting books are occurate, complete and reliable.

Extended Accounting

Eventhough the Czech Tax Authority treats accounting as mainly tax-purpose driven, we think different. Accounting must serve its owner by offering valuable datasets and insights for steering the business and for making business decisions faster and more reliable. With us, you can get extended accounting setup for individual dimensions like cost-centers, activities, projects, second set of accounts etc. We can even create new functions and user modules in our information system to meet your requirements. This is a valuable basis for using accounting data as irreplacable source for visually attractive, real-time and fully adjustable dashboards delivered automatically to your mobile phone or tablet.

Paperless and Automatic Solutions

We digitalize every paper document received from our clients. We accepts documents electronically in any possible way - you can use also our mobile app and our secure online client´s portal to upload any document. We provide almost all documents in electronical way as well. We use automatic solutions for OCR, data extraction and data structure validations, specialized solutions for importing of files from banks, e-shops systems, other ERP´s. We can provide you with cloud-based online invoicing tool for free. We take care for submitting all of your returns electronically to the desired recipient. We use xml, SQL, e-signatures, time-stamps as integral part of our services for clients.

Some of Our Tax Services

Dealing with tax returns and tax issues in favor of our client. Meeting all deadlines, applying all possible tax-reductions and tax optimizations.

Tax Returns

We prepare all types of CZ-based tax returns like personal income tax return, corporate income tax return, self-employed person income tax return including reconciliations for social contributions and health insurance, real-estate tax, real-estate transfer tax, road tax, VAT (Value Added Tax incl. VAT Control Statement and Recapitulative Statement). We prepare all yearly tax-reconciliations like employee´s withholding tax and advance tax.

Tax Optimization and Consulting

We provide tax simulations and estimations so as you can see your expected tax result even before the year end or before you start the business. We care for tax optimization in order to use all legally possible ways for tax-base reduction or tax reduction. We take care for international tax issues since you must always firstly identify your country of tax residency and based on it to comply with requirements set out by double-taxation treaties.

Tax Registrations and Tax Issues

We prepare all types of tax registrations and tax applications incl. all mandatory and recommended attachments. With care and experience we try to solve any of your conflicts with Tax Authority. If necessary, we cooperate with our external partners in the area of legal counseling, expert chartered tax advisers and other proffesionals.

Legal Services (External)

Not having your private lawyer onboard might be risky decision. Law in the Czech Republic you must comply with, became very complicated. Regardless whether you need to get legal advise on private or business issue, please never rely on opinions you can learn from unexperienced persons or from untrustworthy sources.

Personal Law

Whether you need ad-hoc or monthly-based legal or notarial services for your non-business issues, we are here for you. With absolute discretion and professionalism, we will provide you with legal counseling and we will suggest the best feasible solution for you.

Commercial Law

Comprehensive set of legal services for companies and self-employed persons like set-up of legal structure mitigating legal and financial risks for your business. We cooperate closely with notarial office, executor office and other professionals from our network.

Legal Administration and Legal Disputes

Solving daily legal routine requirements with care and for affordable price like creation and inspection of business documents and agreements, acting on your behalf based of Power of Attorney. Representing and fighting for you during legal disputes.

IT Consulting Services

Information Technology became irreplacable tools which are heavily used on daily basis both in private and business area. As a company driven also by the latest IT technologies aimed how to make our work and life easier, we are aware of enormous IT complexity and risks lying within. Therefore we offer services of our experienced IT consultant who will take care for any of your IT issues like installations, management of for your private and business IT devices, licensing etc.

IT Consulting (In-place or Online)

Consulting on purchase of IT equipment (HW/SW), Local or Remote Solution of Technical Problems, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting Assistance, Service and Warranty Surveillance, Infrastructure Health Check, Remote Consultancy Services, IT GDPR Consulting, Data Protection Policy Consulting.

Device and Operating System Management

Installation, reinstallation, backup and recovery of Windows OS-based servers and user-end-points (desktop PCs, laptops, tablets), iOS (Apple) devices, Android-based devices. Private NAS installations. Installation and management of security packages (antivir, antispam, firewall, anti-ransomware etc).

Streamlining your business via Cloud-Apps

Consulting on choosing the right cloud-based or on-premise-based applications for making your business to run easier. Sync, share and collaborate online with your team or external parties. Chat with your team, assign tasks, take your data under control. Whenever and from wherever you are.

Other Services

Moving to Prague, leaving your business or even family behind abroad or taking your family to our country to start a new life, that all might be stressful. For making you more comfortable, we can assist you by recommending services of our external partners who specialized in Relocation services, getting your VISA or other permissions, providing you with a person who speaks in your native language and who can personally accompany you to the respective authorities in Prague, real-estate professionals and other persons who can give you best answers.