Worry-Free Tailored Accountancy and Advisory Services For Companies, Expats, Natural Persons, StartUps, Business Owners

Helping Clients to Start and Keep Business More Productive and Profitable



Statutory Accounting Services. Management Accounting. Statutory Tax Records. Extended Accounting for Own Dimensions. Full-Scope Year-End-Closing Support. Accounting Administration. Bank Account Administration. Accounting Payment Services. Assistance During Audits and Inspections. Accounting Consultancy. CZ-GAAP, IFRS, US-GAAP standards.

Payroll and HR

Employer Registrations. Full-Scope Monthly and Yearly Payroll Agenda And Payroll Closings. Payroll Payment Services. Payroll Costs and Personal Tax Optimizations. Draft and Update of HR documentation. Internal Payroll and HR Guidelines. Formation of Payroll and HR Efficient Procesess. Assistance During Inspections. Individual Payroll and HR Consultancy.


Tax Returns (Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Real Estate Tax, Real-Estate Transfer Tax). International Taxation. Tax Residency Issues. Detailed Tax Estimations and Optimizations (Business or Private/Family). Assistance During Tax Inspections. Representing Client at Tax Authority. Tax Consulting. Tax Planning. Tax Registrations and Structuring.

Reporting and Controlling

Reporting via Real-Time Smart Reporting and Business Intelligence and Analytical Tools. Providing You With Visually Attractive and Fully Customizable Online Real-Time Dashboards and Reports to Your Device (Web App, Mobile App for iOS and Android). Tailored Content Packages and User Authorizations. Don´t Wait Anymore - See Your Data Anytime from anywhere.

Business Advisory

Tailored Business Advisory. Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting. Business Structuring. Cash-Flow and Working Capital Planning and Optimizations. Risk Mitigation. Company Incorporations and Business Registrations. Changes in company´s legal status. Business Documentation Creation and Updates. Design of Business Processes. Company liquidation.

Processes Automation

Business Processes Tracking and Automation. Reduction of Manual Efforts and Administrative Burden. Saving TIme and Costs. Automated Digitalization of Documents. Online Invoicing. Client Online Portal and Archive. Database Management, Data Extraction, Data Cleansing and Migrations. SQL Imports. E-shop Connectors to ERP, XML imports and synchronizations. 

Administrative Services

Data Box Management Tax Box Registration and Regular Management (Direct Online Access to your Tax Accounts maintained by Tax Authority). Representing at Official Authorities. Communication with 3rd Parties. Dealing With Mandatory Statistical Reports. Customs and INTRASTAT Duties. VISA/Residency Approval Support.

Legal Advisory (External)

Legal Counseling on Private or Business Matters. Dealing with Legal Administration. Representing Client at Official Authorities. Representing in Commercial and Private Law Disputes. Legal Optimizations. Business Structuring. Assurying Legal Compliance. Insolvency, Restructuring and Bankruptcy. GDPR consultancy.

IT Management

Commercial or Private IT Consulting and Management (IT tools and processes, HW/SW). Regular IT Device On-prem or Remote Management (Installations, Reinstallations, User Management, Authorizations, Device Backup) . Full-Scope Hardware and Software Troubleshooting Assistance. ERP customization. Process automation.

Reliability. Simplicity. Quality


Our philosophy based on long-term cooperation with the client with confidence, discretion and mutual respect, reliability and value brings our clients success, satisfaction and less stress. We have a range of services, experience, skills and depth of knowledge to help you achieve your business and private dreams.

One Dedicated Team

Finance Experts (Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Advisory), Legal Experts (Commercial and Private Law) and IT Experts as Advisers at Your Side. Everything you need to rest assured that you will always get from us tailored up-to-date advice.


Experienced Professionals who work far beyond standard accounting services. We can help you to start and keep business more productive and profitable through combination of Finance, Legal, Business and IT skills.

Real Values

Proactive Problem-solving attitude. Smooth, precise, reliable and fast communication. Real synergistic effects which save you time and money. We focus on building strategic partnerships and we really care for your comfort.

We are good listeners, we understand quickly how people think and what they want to achieve in their particular case. We know how to explain what must be done and we solve problems in fast and efficient way. We are strong in analytical thinking, solving problems and getting rid of administrative burden. We are valuable combination of Finance, IT and Legal Professionals and we have extensive experience from both corporate companies, SME and individual business environment.

Price affordable. Worry-free. Paperless


Because We Really Care For Your Comfort
Save your precious time, save money and reduce your stress. Get things done. Focus on and enjoy what matters the most - your life and family, your dreams, your happiness.


We make sure that we make client´s business better by providing top quality professional services at affordable prices. We are flexible, reliable, modern and creative team of skilled professionals.

Experienced Team

We have college degrees and worked very hard to get where we are. We are certified controllers, accountants, tax and payroll specialists, lawyers and we have extensive experience in IT area.

Full-Service Package

In our team, you can get a range of tailored services from finance area, personal and commercial law, and IT consulting. Save your precious time. Save money. Reduce your stress and efforts.

Modern Technology

We can work from anywhere. We use modern sophisticated online ERP systems, payroll and tax solutions, online invoicing tools, online accounting and other solutions. For our clients, we offer for free cloud app and mobile app.

Data Privacy Oriented

We have implemented GDPR and protection of private information and business secret is integral part of our daily work. We collect and process only those private information we need for legal, tax or contractual purposes.

Encryption at Place

We use hi-tech end-to-end encryption tools for encryption of your private and business sensitive information and documents. We use sophisticated time-limited and password-protected shared links and special software tresors.

Real-Time Dashboards

We use hi-tech business intelligence and analytical tools for delivering real-time visually attractive dashboards. Data Migration and Cleansing Included. Don´t live in questions. See your figures and answers.

Secure Online Portal

We offer for free our encrypted online portal as our secure place for sharing, synchronizing, and collaborating with files. Mobile app is available. No more lost attachments. Search for files not only by name but also by content.

Legal Counselling

You can use our lawyers for private or business-oriented cases for one-off or monthly fixed price. You no longer need to seek legal advice and solve issues separately. No more worries, no more stress.

IT Consulting

We are highly IT oriented and in our team we have experienced IT guys. Get your own IT specialist to solve any private or business IT problems. From basic IT troubleshooting through installation to expert IT remote or in-place consulting.

Affordable Pricing

Choose from our recommended monthly price packages or one-off price rates or mix your own service package and get your individual price. Pay only for what you really need and use. Get your individual price discounts.

We Are Real People

You can meet with us in the office or in any of your places in Prague. We love to be in touch with our clients. However, we never prefer our work over our families, and therefore we never accept a new business opportunity at all costs.

Optimized. Saving Money and Time


We are discreet. We do not provide detailed information about our clients.

Company Owner (Private Education)

"Petr is an expert advisor who stays up-to-date on ever-changing laws and regulations. My lack of experience has never hindered clear, prompt and respectful communication. He is thorough and trustworthy and our cooperation has allowed my small business flourish and me to rest easy knowing my finances are in outstanding hands."

Company Owner (Dance Studio)

"Thank you Ing. Petr Antal and TrimmTax team for professionalism, willingness, speed of communication, helpfulness with everything around the accounting, but also with overlapping in legal advice and handing out various necessary recommendations and recommended contacts. TrimmTax will advise and patiently explain everything, together with the most optimal solution for you, your company. For me great THANKS for the services that are above standard."

Company Owner (Building Constructions)

"Our company has been working with TrimmTax since the beginning of our business for many years and we are absolutely satisfied - there is nothing better than having professionals at your side, that's all about it."

Expat (Copywriting)

"Petr Antal with Trimmtax has been tremendously helpful in supporting me with tax advising the last several years. He is always quick to reply to my questions with excellent advice and takes personal care to make sure I receive thorough and correct information, something which is invaluable for a non-Czech speaker such as myself. I recommend him to everyone I know for assistance with income tax filing and business tax advising."

Company Owner/CEO (Company organizing events/conference of Professionals).

"We've been using the services of TrimmTax since the start up of our business.

We particularly appreciate their friendly yet professional approach: rather than a provider, we look at them as a reliable partner, taking care of accounting, payroll, tax and other services timely and accurately. This allows us to free up those resources we need to fully focus on our clients and on our strategic development - a great added value, indeed!".


It´s so easy to get your problem solved.

Regardless whether you need one service/advise or continuous services, please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your needs and concerns.

1. Preparation and Signature of the Consultancy Agreement

The Consultancy Agreement will be prepared by us. You will receive it enough time before signing it. We discuss any of your comments before we will sign it with you. Both Parties are Satisfied and Happy to Start.

2. Roll-Out of Required Actions and Services

We will execute those actions and services which are required to solve your issue. We implement all necessary proceses. You will be informed about any upcoming steps before they are taken by us.

3. Service which is Constantly Fitting to Your Needs

Processes and Cooperation are running reliable and smoothly. You know your contact person, you know your legal commitments and deadlines. You can devote your time to development of your business, to you and your family.


For any questions, introductions or price quotes etc, please feel free to contact us:


náměstí I. P. Pavlova 1789/5, Prague 2, 12000


+420 737 246 697